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October 13, 2018

As any good argument should do, I will begin this rebuttal by defining the terms "conservative" and "liberal" in the way I will use them in this article. I will then offer my premise and the valid logic that follows that premise. 

Defining Terms

Conservative: tending or disposed to maintain existing views, conditions, or institutions. (Merriam-Webste...

April 15, 2016


I read so many "how to" articles and blog posts that they tend to discourage me more than anything, because as I'm reading them I think to myself, "I don't know how to do anything this thoroughly." My line of work involves concepts and ideals, and the only tangible fruit of my labor is seeing my words on a page. It can appear as vanity if I don't...

February 21, 2015

From humble beginnings, a tribe of hunters and gatherers cast seeds in a meadow and discovered how to control the growth of crops. They also looked up to the heavens for answers and passed on stories about what lies beyond human experiences. Agriculture and religion were born, the first two building blocks of our history. 

The tribe became a villag...

May 22, 2014

Recently I engaged in conversation with an atheist friend of mine who said that we have tried religion for the last 5000 years, and nothing much has come from it.  Religions just war with each other, commit acts of violence, and doesn’t lead to any progress.  The assumption was that there’s nothing great about religion.  

This is a...

December 11, 2013

On October 28 in the year 312, Constantine (full name: Flavius Valerius Constantinus – by any standard Latin names are incredibly awesome) ensured his rise to emperorship by defeating his rival Maxentius at the Battle of Milvian Bridge, just outside Rome. Much ink has been spilled in examining his ensuing rule. Did Constantine really see a sign fro...

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