Packet Media Articles, 2011

Here is a list of articles I wrote for Packet Media ( in 2011. Click the link above the byline for the full story.

Molto Bene Caffe moves to Cranbury

By David Kilby, The Packet Group Dec 2, 2011

CRANBURY — Pete Adamo, owner of Molto Bene Caffe e Mercato Italiano, has moved his business into the former Hot Wok building on North Main …

JAMESBURG: First woman mayor elected in Jamesburg

Nov 10, 2011

David Kilby, Managing Editor

MONROE: Truck driver dies on NJTP Exit 8A ramp

Nov 9, 2011

David Kilby, Managing Editor

IRENE:CRANBURY: Storm floods bridges, homes

Sep 1, 2011

David Kilby, Managing Editor

MUSIC: Downcast Theory: A rising band respects its roots

By David Kilby Staff Writer Aug 26, 2011

Downcast Theory, a hard rock band whose members met mostly in Monroe Township High School, has been rocking venues in New York City and New …

WEATHER: Locals perplexed, but not hurt by earthquake

By David Kilby, Managing Editor Aug 26, 2011

The earth shook for a few seconds in Cranbury, Jamesburg and Monroe, but as quickly as it happened, it was over.

LAWRENCE: Squibb target of husband poisoning complaint

By David Kilby, Staff Writer Aug 10, 2011

The family of a man whose wife is accused of poisoning him to death is accusing Bristol-Myers Squibb and University Medical Center at Princ…

MONROE: Three-car accident kills young woman

By David Kilby, Managing Editor Jul 29, 2011

MONROE — A young woman from Iselin died from a head injury suffered after a car accident in northern Monroe on Monday.

CRANBURY: Children discover sweet side of science

By David Kilby, Managing Editor Jul 15, 2011

CRANBURY — Dozens of children mixed science and fun by combining ice cream dough and liquid nitrogen to make ice cream in the Cranbury …

JAMESBURG: Grads may be last Jamesburg class at MTHS

By David Kilby, Managing Editor Jun 24, 2011

JAMESBURG — Graduates of Grace Breckwedel Middle School were told to remain strong and compassionate at their graduation June 17 as they be…

MONROE: Christie speaks of planned reforms

By David Kilby, Staff Writer May 20, 2011

MONROE — Gov. Chris Christie spoke of his reform proposals, and local residents spoke out mostly about state aid disparity, at another Town…

JAMESBURG - 'Lincoln' holds mock news conference

By David Kilby, Staff Writer Apr 15, 2011

JAMESBURG – President Abraham Lincoln held a mock press conference detailing the situation in the country right before the Civil War on Sun …

MONROE - Soda machine traps senior

By David Kilby, Staff Writer Apr 8, 2011

MONROE - A 61-year old woman was found after several hours with her legs trapped underneath a soda vending machine at the BP gas station n…

CRANBURY: All farms preserved in 500-acre vista

By David Kilby, Staff Writer Mar 25, 2011

CRANBURY — All of the farms on Plainsboro Road have been preserved, creating a contiguous vista of more than 500 acres from Cranbury all th…

MONROE: Chemist charged with poisoning husband

By David Kilby, Staff Writer Feb 11, 2011

MONROE — Tianle Li, of Stanley Drive, pleaded not guilty Wednesday to the charges of hindering apprehension and causing the death of her ...

JAMESBURG: Police seek armed robber of gas station

By David Kilby, Staff Writer Jan 21, 2011

JAMESBURG — Police are searching for a robber who stole more than $3,000 from the Gulf gas station on Forsgate Drive on Jan. 8.

For more of my articles published by Packet Media in 2011, click here.


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