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Journey of Faith: Living the Heroic Ordinary Life

I am an ordinary person made extraordinary by living my faith. Where heroes are lacking, where the world is in a state of chaos where a deeper meaning and quality of life are hard pressed to be found. In the middle of this spinning ambiguity I stand, grounded, peaceful and dignified, because of my faith. God is never outdone in generosity. And what does He give us when we live by the guidelines he has set forth, out of love for Him? He gives us the chance to experience the fullness and dignity of what it means to live a human life. An abundance of joy, tempered with the depths of sorrow. The faith that comes from depending on God, leading into true freedom. The giving away of one's self to unite to my true self in Christ. Who knew life could be so rich? Layer upon layer of truth which is slowly revealed in the unfurling mystery which is life. As if one room at a time is being unlocked in my mind as the Eternal Truths are brought to light, inside of me! How thrilling to pack up everything and say "yes" to God! To be ready at a moment's notice to go where He would have me. How challenging it is daily to say " Yes Lord, I trust the plan you have for me." And then daily put that trust into action. But how fruitful the challenge always is. A greater sense of peace, a greater knowledge of truth, a greater commitment to love each day. It is a challenge to trust God in today's world. We have surrounded ourselves with so many false securities, so many distractions, so many lies. The truth at first almost seems aberrant to us because we have been culturally conditioned against it. My philosophy these days is that if it is accepted as mainstream truth, it is probably a lie, a half truth or a noble intention gone awry. With the help of the Holy Spirit, I gain the courage to discern the truth hidden by these cultural lies. I explore them more deeply and all of a sudden it is as plain as day why this lie is told to us. Living in fear is the biggest hold on our freedom. Fear being the opposite of Love. Fear being the paralyzing aspect that causes us to live our life in the narrow constraints of being " open minded" and "politically correct." I have always felt in my heart the desire to fight for what is true, what is noble, what is beautiful and good. Those things on paper sound like what everyone wants to fight for, and I believe that so many in their hearts truly do. I never realized before that fighting for these things to prevail would be the hard fight, would be against the mainstream, would be opposite of what almost everyone my age was standing up for; until I started living my faith. That is when what is good and true and honorable became clear. That is when my worldview came into focus and I noticed so many others standing on their heads. That is when I realized it will take courage and faith and every gift of the Holy Spirit to live for what I always felt intrinsically called to live for. It is almost like we are a reflection of Heaven. In the reflection, everything is backwards and so it is that much more difficult to understand the true nature of things. It's like we are living life on the wrong side of the looking glass until God invites us to a more balanced view. Living in the fullness of life is God's plan for us. How alive we truly are, what heights, what depths what joys what sorrows we reach. What intrinsic beauty exists in God's plan for us. Once we are invited on the journey and recognize this, how can we say no?

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