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Doctors Speaking out against COVID-19 Lockdown

There is so much information regarding SARS-CoV-2, I think it's necessary to share the info that flies below the radar. Here are some widely-respected doctors who are saying the lockdown of our society is a bad idea, and providing the data to back up their position. (I will add to this list as I find more).

Dr. Daniel W. Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi, owners of Accelerated Urgent Care, Kern County, California. Their videos were removed from YouTube:

  • Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT Ph.D

  • Dr. Jeff Barke (30 year board certified MD) blows a hole in the MSM's fake Corona Virus narrative and explains why it's so important to get the country open as quickly and safely as possible.

  • Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, Professor of Medicine at Stanford University

  • Dr. Annie Bukacek

  • Dr. Rashid Buttar

  • Douglas G Frank

  • Professor Johan Giesecke, senior epidemiologist in Sweden, who shares Sweden’s balanced approach to dealing with the pandemic.

  • Dr. Andrew Glen, Professor Emeritus of Operations Research from the United States Military Academy. He is a thirty-year U.S. Army veteran and an award-winning researcher in the field of computational probability. Read this excellent article by him and James D. Agresti from on the overall impact of the lockdown.

  • Dr. John Ionnidis, Greek-American physician-scientist

  • Dr. Scott Jensen, Minnesota senator, who questioned why he is being encouraged to write “Covid-19” as the cause of death when the deceased clearly had co-morbidities, or just had COVID-19 symptoms.

  • Dr. David Lang, Wisconsin, urgent care medical doctor in Wisconsin

  • Dr. Bruce Lipton, a developmental biologist

  • Dr. Judy Mikovits, who is on record saying she is not anti-vaccine, even though that’s what she’s been labeled.

  • Professor Hendrick Streeck, virologist, who says the virus is much more widespread than at first assumed, based on his studies in his home country of Germany. (unherd)

  • Professor Isaac Ben Israel, a mathematician at Tel Aviv University, who conducted a study showing Covid-19 is self-limiting, peaking after 40 days and then rapidly declining, vanishing after 70 days no matter what interventions were put in place.

  • Dr. Knut M. Wittkowski, CEO of ASDERA LLC, a company discovering novel treatments for complex diseases from data of genome-wide association studies.

  • Wolfgang Wodarg, German physician, chair of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Health Committee.

Even if any of these doctors are wrong in some of the things they're saying, their research and wisdom should be part of the conversation as we move toward discovering the full truth about this virus. One common discovery among them is the prevalence of this coronavirus, which is in some places 70 to 80 times more widespread than at first believed--which means the fatality rate of the disease is not as bad as what was first expected.

Such studies include ones in Santa Clara County (study), New York Presbyterian Hospital, Germany, and Kern County.

In addition, there was no rise in cases, and a flattened curve was achieved, in Sweden in early April even though they took comparatively minimal quarantine measures. Perhaps it was wise to take extreme lockdown measures when we did not have much data, and when Dr. Neil Furguson was predicting half a million deaths in the UK, and 2 million in the US in the coming months. But those coming months have passed, and there is no evidence that it was the lockdowns that prevented the virus from getting as bad as Dr. Furgeson predicted.

Like Sweden, Iceland, Belarus, and South Korea did not quarantine, and their number of deaths from Covid-19 is not much higher than those countries that did lock down.

The lockdown would be justified if our healthcare system was overwhelmed. But it wasn’t overwhelmed. Continuing the quarantine would be justified if the curve had not been flattened, but it has been flattened. The economic and psychological impact are worse than the virus. Those who say economy and psychology are not as important as physical health fail to notice how many people die from poverty, drug overdoses, suicide, and accidents caused by those who are intoxicated--and how much alcoholism affects people’s lives.

Read this article for more on that:

The CDC is on record saying they will be liberal in their categorization of Covid-19 deaths. If a person comes into the hospital with a heart attack, tests positive for COVID-19 and dies, it will be labeled a Covid-19 death, Dr. Fauci said. This is not how we classify deaths for any other disease.

Could hospitals and media outlets be padding the deaths from Covid-19 to make the disease seem more deadly than it is? Well, perhaps some are. There are probably more doctors who are just being conservative and assuming the virus is very deadly until proven otherwise. But in the face of so much data showing how widespread the virus probably is, and when seeing the liberal guidelines for marking down Covid-19 on a death certificate, shouldn’t there be doctors starting to question the common narrative about the virus? ER doctors are being pressured to add Covid to death certificates. Why is that (source)?

More and more doctors are seeing the fine print in death certificates listing Covid-19 as a cause of the person’s death. In its own data, the CDC mentions, in a footnote, that the Covid-19 deaths they are recording are deaths with Covid-19, not from it. We already know that at least 99 percent of those who get the virus recover, so it is very likely that many people who died with the virus actually died from something else, or at least could have died from something else. As Dr. Erikson noted, when we talk about causes of deaths, we talk about “comorbidities”. The CDC is also willing to admit that, not only is it counting deaths with Covid-19 as Covid-19 deaths. They are also counting deaths with presumed Covid-19 as deaths from the virus. So not only did you die from Covid-19 if you simply had it. You died from the virus even if your doctors simply thought you simply had it, according to the CDC.

Instead of questions being answered, we’re getting more and more orders without having answers for why we need to follow them. At least I’m not convinced the virus is as bad as they say it is.

The sad thing is these big tech companies--Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and probably others--think they are doing the public a service by banning content that challenges MSM’s narrative. Google said it would ban Covid-19-related content that was not produced by “official government entities and public health organizations.” How is this a wise philosophy to go by as we try to figure out the truth behind one of the greatest crises of our time? We need all of the information we can get. If it’s a lie or just bad research, the public is smart enough to just let fizzle out on its own.

Forgive me for the random rambling about all of this. In my defense, I called this website Rambling Spirit since I knew I'd have to just mind dump like this from time to time. Who am I kidding? I knew I'd do it most of the time. I just feel it's important to write down as much info as possible as soon as I can. I'm not really caring who reads this. Just getting all of this down is my only way to keep from going crazy due to all this.

Nurses speaking out about what's happening in hospitals, mostly in NYC:

This article was updated on May 13 and July 8, 2020. I will continue to add to it as more evidence becomes available.

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