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Committing to Writing Each Day

I've made the commitment to write each day so many times before, I hesitate to make it again. In the past, my motivation was superficial and typical: "We need another voice on the internet, one that represents people like me". Who doesn't think that? But now, times truly have changed. Now more than ever we need good writing, if only to show people how to distinguish it from AI!

But we also need good writing to give more substance and tangibility to grand ideas. I have big ideas. That's not a boast. It's a confession. We all have big ideas. The problem is very few dare to do anything about those idea. By writing them down, I am showing that I want to share my ideas with other people. You will see how they are all over the place, but perhaps here on this blog they will all come together.

I am writing in a study room in a library in Springfield, Missouri off Interstate 44. My writing style is much like my lifestyle: random and sporadic. So, if any of this does come together you can know that it was not my doing. I confess, the Rambling Spirit blog is a place where I ramble in attempt to capture the big ideas that enter my head and heart like a drifter in a highway truck stop. In general, Rambling Spirit is the highway system for big ideas. The attractions along the highway are endless, and every now and then---hopefully---we may get off the highway to explore the back roads, small towns, and cultural hubs. This is a place where people can stop in, find something they enjoy and stay a while as they dive in, kind of like I'm enjoying this library I randomly found off the highway.

My lifestyle is all over the place, and writing is what brings it all together. On my daily schedule, I've allotted time for exercise, reading, prayer, journaling, blogging, Catholic World Report (one of my day jobs), deliveries and ridesharing (another day job), real estate (another day job), and working on my novels. How can I make sense of all this? What could possibly link all of these things except this blog where the posts are as random and scattered as my lifestyle? Believe me, I have tried to choose a singular lifestyle. I have tried to choose one purpose and just embrace it fully, letting it consume most of my time. Unfortunately, I just can't. That's why I had to start this blog. I have too many interests, too many passions.

But, in a way, this blog is what gives me a singular purpose. The best writing is written from experience. I take it one day at a time, and this blog can be what blogs were meant to be; what they were in the first place: weblogs of people's personal experience. In the large scheme of things, what matters most to me is using this blog to capture my experiences, as I pursue each of my various interests. So, you will see random topics covered on this blog, but know that each post attempts to capture one of my interests. I cannot rest knowing I let go of any of them. That is why I call myself a rambling spirit. Perhaps you can relate. There is just too much truth, goodness, and beauty in the world to choose a niche. The best I can do is choose a medium to share my love of everything. The medium I choose is this blog. So, the only way I can write every day is if I share all the ways in which I pursued any and all of my endless number of interests that day.

So, if you can see where I'm coming from, ramble on.


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