Empower Network Blog August 2012

Here are my August 2012 posts from my defunct Empower Network blog.

Common sense vs. feelings: a short blurb

by The Rambler | on August 7, 2012

Anyone interested in strumming the heart strings with me today? For today the battle between my common sense and my feelings has reached its climax, and the exhaustion it has caused has knocked me on my back.

My dance with life is an elusive romance. My dreams run from me like a mythical white stag. Chasing them have left me utterly exhausted and disheartened.

But it is all part of a drama that I love, and because of that I always return. Part of me says the drama of the relationships in my life are ruining me, and the other part says it’s making me stronger.

All I can conclude is that every person in my life brings both joy and pain, simply because we are all human and imperfect.

Pursue your dreams practically

by The Rambler | on August 8, 2012

Dreams vs. reality

Just keep going. That’s good advice for anything you do in life.

I don’t like my jobs. Freelance writing underpays and so does my other odd job, which is too sporadic for me to even describe. The business is mainly plumbing and heating, but I haven’t worked on a single plumber or heater yet. I’ve been tearing up roofs, painting rooms and renovating apartments.

Now I’m waiting for our next job to get the right contract for us to continue, so this week I’ve been trying to get as much work as I can through my freelance writing job. I don’t like either, but it’s work. That’s life. You can’t be picky. You do what you can to get money, and with the time and energy you have left over you pursue your dreams, and take some of the hard-earned money you made to invest in your dreams.

If Empower Network starts to bring in substantial income for me, I will then have a dream job. Not only would I then have an active blog that encourages me to write everyday (which I love to do), but if the work becomes minimal, it will free me up to write books and magazine articles, which is much better than working in the summer heat all day and chasing stories all around central NJ for a mere $40 a pop.

Call me a dreamer. That doesn’t automatically disqualify me from being able to live my dream in the future. But if I don’t even dream, and if I live my life thinking everything I want in life is not practical to get, then my dreams are even less likely to come true.The secret is to pursue your dreams practically. Just keep at it no matter what people try to say to discourage you. They’re just people. They don’t understand. It’s your vision, it’s your life. Truly live it.

Doubt God’s love no more (Entries from old journals)

by The Rambler | on August 9, 2012

Clouded as our vision is in this human state, there is not much we can say about the living and all-seeing God. Yet, ironically enough, it is not his intention to hide himself from us. We understand him only as children understand the things that their parents teach them; but that little bit is not enough to satisfy our curiosity. Everyone always has questions about God and for God. And there is always doubt about who he is and what he has supposedly done.

Hardly ever do we ask, “God, who are you?” But should we desire to know him more, he would be more excited than we would be to reveal the mysteries about himself to us. On the other hand, we can learn nothing about God by doubting him. I’ve learned very little about God, but I do know that he diffuses his love for us in three different ways: through his creation, through the love of his son Jesus, and through the holy Spirit.

Each of these expressions of his love can be marveled at for a lifetime, even for all eternity. Some people spend their lives unlocking the mysteries of nature — like the complexities of life or the order of any given physical science. Some spend their lives searching for the true source of talent or creativity, or the source of the uncontainable fire of inspiration, or the gifts of virtue. These all come from the holy Spirit, I believe.

But the diffusion of his son’s love is perhaps the most distinct yet most difficult to trace. He expresses his love for us through creation and the creative spirit he has put within each of us, but through Christ he expresses love itself in the flesh. This Christian belief is what makes Christianity different from all religions. Only in Christianity does God come down to us. He has done this not only out of love but also great wisdom, because in our doubt we can build our own channeled stairway to heaven in attempt to reach God. But if God has already come down to us all we need to do is open our eyes.

Struggles, reckless abandonment and the care-free state

by The Rambler | on August 10, 2012

Something happens inside you when your bank account runs dry, when you notice you have nothing to lose, and when you’re sick and tired of playing it safe. You just go all out. You ask yourself, "Heck, how can life get any worse?" It’s actually a quite liberating feeling. And when it applies to not only the money in your life, but the people in you