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Rambling Spirit began with a deep desire to live authentically, truly engaging others and passionately sharing beautiful stories of life and experiences of God;  a desire to resonate with other truth-seekers, passionate people who boldly share their opinions and beliefs and find the world a good creation. This desire grew into a vision of an all-inclusive, thought-provoking magazine as a medium through which to build a tangible community.


This is a challenging endeavor, but one we're willing to face, because we perceive the need. We see the need to return to true freedom of thought, not just freedom to express opinions. We see the need for healthy, dynamic dialogue to encourage unity, creativity and breakthroughs in every field, community, and walk of life. We see the need for a renaissance of the soul. 


With relativism as the prevailing philosophy of our day, someone needs to be bold enough to offer a definitive portrait of the big picture.  Rambling Spirit upholds the value of life, human dignity and individuality. As we seek God, we don’t aim to change the world, but to bring together all that is good within it. 

Every journey has a beginning

The truly universal magazine

Rambling Spirit is a quarterly magazine and multimedia community designed for those who intentionally wander.  Its mission is to celebrate life, engage communities in dialogue, enlighten the wandering truth seeker, and encounter Christ through all things while seeking the true, the good, and the beautiful.

Meet the Rambling Spirit Team

Susan is a full-time supply chain professional and recent Penn State grad who brings her passion for the faith and experience with management to help build networking connections and manage social media.

A Graphics Specialist, Artist, Aspiring Writer, and overall Jack of Trades, Stan is a Millersville University Graduate with a BS in Graphic Communications Technology.

Electrical engineer and part-time marathon runner, Amy is a Penn State grad who helps manage writers and assist in the editing process, as well as lending a hand with logistics.

Writer by trade and Steubenville grad, David has been with Rambling Spirit since its inception, helping to shape its vision and create strategic business planning, as well as editing articles.

David Kilby


Susan Jankiewicz

Business Manager

Amy Miller

Managing Editor

Stan Termini

Graphics Specialist/Website Editor

We Need YOU!

Rambling Spirit is seeking additional members for our team. Please note that all listed positions are unpaid at this time. Our current openings include:



create budgets and manage ledger; assist in development of advertisement and financial goals; manage tax preparation and submittal


Legal Representative - provide or procure general legal advice as needed; assist in the general progress of Rambling Spirit by driving copyright, trademark, and ISSN applications; responsible for creating and maintaining relationship with lawyer for RS


Webmaster - maintain and backup website regularly; generate and present regular usage and statistics reports for site and social media; assist in creation of long-term vision of website development and integration


Field Representative - Represent RS locally by reaching out to young adult groups, colleges, and parishes to spread the community; talent scout for writers and contributors; assist in identifying potential local advertisers and subscription hosts; organize local events, fundraisers, and distribution of flyers

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