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Hope Anchors the Soul

While I've been reflecting on how I feel the presence of God most when I'm at the beach during Lent this year, and now that Easter is over and we are in the heart of spring, I can happily say that beach season is upon us. To get ahead of the game I visited my best friends who live down in Cape May a couple weekends ago. It happened to be the perfect weekend to visit: mid-April 70 degrees and sunny, a great weekend with best friends. At night we watched the beautiful sunset on the Delaware Bay.

If you couldn't tell from my pictures, the scene was a sight to behold - something only God could have created. The sun went down in a matter of minutes, but over that small period of time, the colors in the sky changed so quickly. The lighting over the water was serene. Standing on the shore, relaxed and at peace with my surroundings, I felt tranquil and a deep connection to God. I felt hope. The word of God says it all: We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure - Hebrews 6:19

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