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On the Existence of God

God is not just a myth as atheists claim, but rather, there is good evidence for God’s existence. Question: Have you ever wondered where everything came from and why something exists at all rather than just nothing? Where did it all come from? “The Big Bang,” someone might reply. Well, of course the Big Bang, but where did that come from? Where did all the space, matter, energy, and everything needed to make the Big Bang come from? Did it begin with a creator or was it just random chance? Often skeptics claim that the universe came from nothing. But, by definition, “nothing” doesn’t exist. Nothing is nothing. So if there was only absolutely nothing in the beginning, then how and why do we have something? Something cannot come from nothing on its own. Borrowing an analogy from Jesuit Father Robert Spitzer, president of the Magis Center of Reason and Faith, if you take the number zero, which represents nothing, and you add a thousand zeros to it, what do you get? Zero. How about a trillion zeros? Zero still. 0 + 0 = 0, and 0 + 0000000000000000000 = 0. It’s always zero; it can only always be zero. And, it’s the same with nothing. Nothing + Nothing = Nothing. Thus, if absolutely nothing ever existed there would still be nothing now; but the fact that things do exist shows that there had to be Being who already existed, who in turn, brought everything else into existence. After all, you can’t give what you don’t have. If a room of people have to read the same book, but nobody actually possesses the book, then no one could give it out. Likewise, if there wasn’t a being that already possessed existence by His very nature, then nothing else could receive or possess existence either. If there was only nothing, no existence, then nothing could exist. Created things don’t just make themselves or give themselves being. Thus, the universe needs a reason to exist, something or someone that transcends it. Some may object stating that modern science demonstrates something can come from nothing. It is asserted that in the quantum world; protons, electrons and other entities come into and out of existence all the time from nothing. But, honest scientists understand that the quantum field is not nothing. It’s a vacuum of fluctuating energy. These particles don’t come from nothing, properly understood, but from the vacuum. Big difference. Recently, I had a discussion with an atheist who asked me for evidence showing the existence of God. I told her that humans are intelligent beings who recognize other intelligence when we see it. For example, if you are walking down the beach and you see a heart drawn in the sand with the words, “Sally loves Johnny forever!” No one would assume the waves made that. Why? Because we recognize that someone intelligent drew that love note into the sand. Likewise, if you were walking through South Dakota and saw four American president’s faces in the side of the mountain, would any atheist, skeptic, or anyone else think that these faces came about by accident, that they were the product of blind and random chance? No. There is no one who would even consider this a possibility. Why? Because as intelligent beings, we recognize intelligence when we see it, and we realize that someone intelligent spent the greater part of their life carving these faces out of the side of the mountain. It’s the same with the universe. We don’t believe for a second that this was all just one random accident, (or trillions of blindly random accidents). With gravity, all the universal constants, the laws of the universe and the like, we recognize that the universe with all its order and intelligibility, and which is infinitely more complex than a heart in the sand or carved faces in a mountain, is not a product of blind chance, but the product of a higher intelligence that is known as God. I told the atheist to think about the watch on my wrist which was made up of over 100 individual parts. Imagine me taking my watch apart and breaking it all into individual pieces. Then, imagine me placing those pieces into a small box and shaking them up really well. After a minute or two of shaking, I dump them out all over the ground. I asked her if she thought a watch would ever come together on its own. She said no, of course not. Exactly. Because the watch and its parts are dead. They can’t move. They can’t self-assemble. They can’t create. They can’t do anything because they're dead. The pieces would all lay there lifeless until they disintegrate. So, if there was only some dead stuff in the beginning that magically made itself somehow, how did it then create everything we know? Dead things don’t move, fashion, or create. They don’t do anything. Thus, there had to be someone in the beginning who was not dead but who was alive, Someone who could move, who could create, and who could make everything we know today, and we call that someone God. My friend thought about it for a moment and then said, “Huh; that actually makes a lot of sense.” So it does. This is logical and reasonable to accept rather, even more than the alternative of something dead coming into existence by nothing, from nothing, because of nothing, and for no reason whatsoever, and then somehow creating everything we know. Whether someone accepts this or not, once thing is for sure, Christians don’t “just believe.” No, there is good evidence and reasons for believing in God.

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