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To all Catholics: Believe in Your Call to Greatness

When a Catholic truly inherits his or her faith, truly answers God's call, he or she begins to see how much God really wants to do in this world. He wants people to stop simply marveling at the wonders accomplished by Catholics in the past, and start creating our own. He wants us to take the world by storm, shock the box office, the Billboard charts, all the trade magazines, and win back our great universities. This is what the Church needs in this world. She needs to make her presence known in an authentic, powerful way. Youths and young adults feel called to greatness. The Church needs to be there to encourage and foster their idealism like a good parent.

St. Louis Cathedral, St. Louis

There is no limit to what our generation can do if it is based on these truths. That's why our primary product is a magazine. The intention is to spread the ideas, to point to the reality that there is so much Catholics need to do, so much we can do, with the power of God. Do we really know what people are saying when they tell us God is calling us to do great things, beyond our imagination? When he puts things on our hearts, there's no reason not to pursue them. He has put all of these things on my heart. I feel it is my duty to tell as many people as I can, and show how God does not hold back his graces, and show how God is looking to set the world on fire. If we want to inspire the younger generation to get involved, we need to give them something to get excited about. We need to show them that they are truly part of something great, a Church that is truly active in accomplishing amazing things and surprising the world. Let's surprise the world! Why are all of the great works of the Church done by Catholics in ages passed? It's because there are too few in the Church that are aware that Catholicism still has that power. The hope of heaven, faith in Christ, is the greatest force for good in the world. I tell you now that most Catholics no longer understand that. They think Catholicism is a Sunday obligation, a set of beliefs that has lost relevance in the modern world. The Church's truths are timeless. Modernism has just given us tunnel vision. It's time to wake up, open the windows, unpack the Church's dynamite and set the world on fire with faith, hope and love.

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