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Offering a Cutting Edge Vision to All

Entrepreneurs and venture capitalists have had a long honeymoon with their Internet and digital media start-ups. All the while, the truly human side of what it means to have a vision has gotten lost amidst the excitement over new technologies. Let's bring back the meaningful side of business where we encounter other people. What if there was a company whose main purpose was to use technology to bring people together for meaningful projects? Rambling Spirit's vision is to provide a place for the one who is searching, not just for truth, but for a way to make their own vision a reality. Our multimedia community built upon 12 areas of interest; each will provide a multifaceted venue to envision, create, and implement ideas. Starting as just a magazine, as a way to share ideas, the Rambling Spirit community can grow into the means by which visionaries bring their visions to life. You don't have to be all that technologically advanced to be cutting edge. What do you have to do to truly influence a culture? You have to appeal to more than people's desire for a more convenient, better quality lifestyle, like all the new technology start-ups do. You have to speak to a person's heart and soul. You have to give them something to live for. Let's stop being dazzled by technologies that leave you just wanting something more. Let's start using technology to build something great. Let's network and bring people together for great causes. It's time to get people excited about being part of something great. You may be wondering how we can bring people together in such an autonomous, individualist culture where everyone seems to have their own philosophy of life, their own lifestyle and their own custom system of beliefs. Well, there actually already is a community out there full of kindred spirits, a community that has had the same vision for 2,000 years and is spread throughout the world. Whenever someone asks how we propose to bring people together for one common cause, we respond that it is the mission of the Catholic Church. It is the mission of the Church to provide a stronghold for the faithful, to provide a way for them to bring their dreams and visions to life. Rambling Spirit is just the vessel. It's just one outreach in a worldwide Church that seeks to build God's Kingdom on earth, so as to help usher people to heaven. But RS is also passionate about the New Evangelization, finding new ways to awaken the Church, new ways to present Catholicism's timeless truths. The way RS does this is by offering an overarching vision, a multimedia community that provides various tools for Catholics to spread the Gospel in the specific way they feel called to do so. Join our quest by subscribing to our newsletter or signing up for a subscription. Or visit our Facebook or Twitter pages for updates and new blog posts

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