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An Attempt to Figure Out the Elusive Media

Has anyone else become curious of the incoherence within the media's consciousness? I try not to directly address the issues covered in the media, because I don't want to get caught up in them. Instead, I try to speak to the principles underneath them all. But can anyone make sense of them all? But then again, I like the incoherence. It keeps people guessing and makes our culture seem mysterious. To tell the truth, a truly free society should have a random array of interests. It proves that its people are free to pursue whatever they want. Which interests are healthy and which are not is not a matter I mean to address here. Let's just celebrate the fact that we are free to like whatever we'd like, and to look into whatever concerns us. So how are the Giants looking this year? What's the latest out of Furgeson? Jihadists are acting up again? What's the latest gadget on the market? Have you seen The Giver yet? Where is that tropical storm off the coast of Cuba headed? Who do you think are the best presidential candidates? There's word of another crisis in the Middle East? OK, we're on it. Wait, no. Did you hear about J.K. Rowling's new book? Did you hear about O'Reilly's new book? What's Putin doing? What are Prince William and Kate doing? What's Prince doing? Let's remember Robin Williams. Should we respond to ISIS threats and crimes against humanity? Is President Obama playing too much golf? What would Pope Francis do? It may sound like I'm criticizing this sound bite mentality. In fact, it does get criticized quite often. But I don't think anyone is suggesting that we pay little attention to any of these issues. Let's be honest. Is there any other way to cover in-depth all that's happening in the world? We criticize the "drive-by" media, but oftentimes we wouldn't even know what's happening around us if they didn't tell us. If we're interested or concerned about something covered by the news, we can learn more about on our own. Even the topics that seem least important, like sports and celebrities, have their place because they're about sharing our way of life. Stars and athletes are icons of our American culture, no matter how much we may not like them. If I pay more attention to what's happening in the Middle East on Sunday night, in the end it is because I want to make sure we'll continue to have the freedom to watch Monday Night Football. So what if you don't like football. That's not the point. The point is, what do you do to defend your way of life? Maybe you think there's no need to defend it because it's not being threatened. If you think that, maybe some sound bites should stick.

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