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Water Into Wine

Six empty jars against the wall. The guests have spilled and drunk them all. A Mother’s voice implores, “They have no wine.”

Photo credit: Flickr | Les Halnes

He takes a breath. His choice is made. He sends the steward’s man away; With simple, common water he returns. He was afraid, but even still He understood the father’s will, And bid those empty jars be filled… Ordinary water Is transformed to finest wine. Fill us to the brim; Trust in Him And live abundantly. At His word There is more than there ever was before. In the changing there is richness In the fullness of all time. Two empty souls poured out, used up; The world has bruised and broken us; Earthly vessels longing for a treasure. We join our hands and take a breath. We seek a love that conquers death. We tremble with the ripples of new life. We are afraid but even still We’ve listened for the Father’s will, And bid these empty jars be filled… All we are is water. You pour out yourself as wine. We are just the branches. You’re our one sustaining vine. We fear we might spill over, So we offer it to you. You make all things new Richer, fuller, radiant, divine… Change this water into wine.

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