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Time Capsule

Future me, I hope you still kneel and pray before bed at night. I hope you’re still pursuing your dreams, so my mentors turn out right when they say you have a gift that needs a lot of love; a gift that can only shine forth if you let that girl go,

because eventually you’ll have to choose one

or the other. My God, it’s about time to move on. Good riddance, no chance has ever been more gone.

And it’s about time for you to see what’s behind the door you’ve been standing at for so long, so scared of adventure; the door that may just be the way to all your life goals, the one I stand at even now, staring at its threshold, wondering what lies beyond, but never finding out, like an unfinished story by an author who feared

an end could never be good enough

to please our imagination;

So he left pages empty, believing the anticipation of one day filling them was more exciting than ever doing so ever could be.

Oh the crime that would be against all light, since it’s meant to shine.

And so it is with all that’s in this swelling heart of mine.

Future self, don’t take this as a threat, but you better make use of my hope, because if you don’t I bet you’re only going to be filled with regret. When the time comes for God to answer your prayers you’ll have to say you’re not ready yet.

I may be young, but I know what’s right, just like all children do, so don’t forget your early days. Don’t be strangled by the pains of life, even when they get harder and longer, they’re always there to make you stronger.

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