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Why I Refuse to Wear a Mask

You would think the right to not wear a mask would be obvious, but in today's world fundamental liberties are being trampled upon, so I need to explain why I will not wear a mask.

  1. It spreads bad germs worse and good germs less. Masks cause me, and most other people to touch our faces more than we normally would because masks itch and need to be adjusted. Whatever bad germs are on our face are then transmitted to our hands. It also keeps whatever bad germs I have contained behind the mask and on my face, thereby making my body's natural ways of fighting bad germs that much harder. Meanwhile any good germs I can receive from fresh air and sunshine, and other good things, are kept out.

  2. It's a violation of rights. I have a right to make decisions about my body. An unjust law is no law at all. If the American people succumb to the mandate to wear a mask, there is no knowing what other mandates will be forced upon us.

  3. I am not a risk or at-risk. Even if I have the virus and am asymptomatic, the fact that the virus is transmitted mainly through respiratory droplets implies that sneezing and coughing in my elbow, and washing my hands regularly, are more than enough to prevent the spread.

  4. Not wearing masks will build up our immune system and wearing them weakens our immune system. The world is full of good and bad germs. The good ones can only fight the bad ones if they are given the natural means to spread. Wearing a mask unnaturally keeps out good germs that can help build up our immune system. Herd immunity is key to fighting this virus, but wearing masks makes reaching herd immunity more difficult.

  5. There is no data proving masks slow the spread. Forget the speculation. If it's truly effective, prove why they are needed. Don't just mandate something that hasn't even been proven to help.

  6. The virus that is causing us to wear masks is not that deadly. Multiple studies have shown that it has between a 0.1 and 0.5 percent mortality rate, and it's even lower for those who are under 60 who have no underlying conditions. Some may say even if it isn't deadly it's still a pretty bad virus that can knock you off your feet for a few days if not weeks. Thanks, CDC, for looking out for us and making sure we don't get sick, but we can make that judgment for ourselves. Stop treating us like children.

  7. I refuse to live in fear. Whether I'm protecting someone else or myself by wearing one, wearing a mask only propagates fear of the virus.

Any of these reasons are enough all by themselves, but together they illustrate how unjust it is to require someone to wear a mask. When will Americans wake up?

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