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More Resources for Those Questioning COVID Narrative

The burden of proof is on those who say COVID-19 is too dangerous for our healthcare system to handle. The original measures to slow the spread were meant to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed. The only places that were overwhelmed were inner city hospitals where, arguably, there was widespread malpractice: putting patients on ventilators when they didn't need them, overdrugging patients suspected to have the virus, and putting those who tested positive back into nursing homes.

There was no, and continues to be no, overwhelming surge in hospitalizations or deaths in the states that ended lockdown early (e.g., Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee), or those states that require no masks (Wisconsin, South Dakota, Iowa, and Wyoming). One thing the recording of cases and deaths doesn't consider is the fact that it's easier to record a death than it is to record a case. For instance, if four percent of those tested test positive, it's possible that four percent of the entire population has the virus. It's at least safe to assume that a good number of those not tested have the virus. Meanwhile, when a person dies, it's much more likely that someone is going to know about it and someone is going to check if the virus could be connected to the death in any way. Therefore, the death rate that is recorded is going to be much higher than what it is reality. But this logic is hardly shared because it would lower the death and hospitalization rate dramatically.

Remember, the death and hospitalization rates are what matter, not the number of cases. If you think I'm being inconsiderate when I say that, think of how inconsiderate the media and politicians are being by ignoring every death other than those that could be associated with COVID-19, or some other issue that serves their narrative and creates a crisis where there was none.

The pandemonium over the virus is increased by the fact that all the mainstream media outlets are sharing the same stories, so when you search for anything about coronavirus on the internet, you will get flooded with content. But it's really all the same stories covered by different news outlets.

Any story you find that says there is an overwhelming surge in deaths and hospitalizations in those states mentioned above, is lying to you. And these states do have densely-populated cities: Charleston, Columbia, Myrtle Beach, Milwaukee, Des Moines, among others. So to say these states aren't seeing bad outbreaks simply because they're sparsely populated is misleading. They didn't have serious outbreaks because they treated the virus properly. They protected the vulnerable and avoided having large gatherings at the peak of the "pandemic." I put "pandemic" in quotes not because I think the whole virus is a hoax, but because it's more like isolated epidemics that the globalist media and politicians are stringing together to make it look worse than it is. The bigger the numbers the more convincing.

Check the facts. Question the information left out, like deaths with COVID-19 or by COVID-19? It seems anyone could test positive for COVID-19 these days. It's just up to the determination of the doctor.

They just want to control us, and by keeping this virus over our heads like some threatening overlord that will kill the vulnerable if we don't obey, the media and politicians can control the masses. We are a free people, yet we are being treated like pawns.

Struggling hospitals in inner city Queens, Bronx, Jersey City, and other densely-populated areas in the Northeast mishandled the virus and that's the only reason they were overwhelmed. It could have been easily treated. But if it wasn't made into a serious matter, politicians would have no reason to confiscate our liberties.

Dr. Richard Bartlett has been criticized for saying he has found treatment for the virus that has cured dozens of patients: 'the treatment plan is inhaled, generic budesonide through a nebulizer, with some generic antibiotics to protect from a secondary bacterial infection, and zinc, which interferes with virus replication." Also, remdesivir or hydroxychloroquine, common drugs that have been around for years, have proved to be successful in treating the virus but are also being downplayed. If these medicines—remdesivir, hydroxychloroquine, and budesonide (and later we discovered, Ivermectin as well)—have cured patients, and if the patient could die without treatment, why aren't doctors at least giving these medicines a chance?

In a roundtable discussion, over 150 doctors agreed there is no justification for a COVID-19 vaccine. These doctors would also vouch that they are in the majority and represent doctors not at that roundtable. These doctors also say masks do not prevent the spread of the virus.

This study, for instance, is inconclusive, saying masks could prevent the spread of coronavirus when partnered with social distancing. That language is basically saying nothing, and the studies don't take into account the health side effects of wearing a mask—like CO2 poisoning, overheating, interruption of the nervous system due to irregular breathing, and complications caused by germs your body is trying to get rid of. The Mayo Clinic admits that masks do not prevent you from spreading the virus, but only prevent the virus spreading to you. In addition, the studies I've seen on the effectiveness of wearing masks don't take into account death or hospitalizations from the virus. If not wearing masks—and not social distancing, for that matter—cause/s the virus to spread more rapidly but doesn't/don't cause more hospitalizations or deaths, then the rapid spread of the virus actually helps us reach herd immunity.

We're just delaying the inevitable. The herd immunity approach would not overwhelm hospitals because most people who get COVID-19 do not need hospitalization.

All of these restrictions on living life are preventing something. It's preventing us from being able to naturally deal with the virus. They're also preventing common people from enjoying the benefits of steady work, reliable healthcare, and leisure activities. We live in a crazy world. Writing blog posts on how crazy all of this has become is the least I can do.

This page has a good collection of resources for people questioning the answers regarding COVID-19:

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