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The Damn Panic and the MSM's World of Make-Believe

A few months ago I stumbled up this article that said COVID-19 had a .04 percent death rate in the U.S. when compared to our country's total population. Our society has shut down churches and schools, demanded that we wear masks and stay six feet apart, and has let the damn panic take over just about every aspect of life for a virus that has a .04 death rate when compared to the U.S. total population; not 0.4 percent , .04! For comparison, the death rate for simply living in the U.S. for a year is 0.7 percent. That means if you live in our country for a year you have a 0.7 percent chance of dying. Panic causes people to ignore the obvious.

Add to this the other facts about the virus: Only 6 percent of those who have died from COVID had no pre-existing conditions. Yes, 94 percent of those who have died from the virus in the U.S. had another health condition contributing to their death. On top of that, 85-90 percent of tests are false positive, and cases are based on positive tests, not hospitalizations (OAN video). Furthermore, all the lockdowns, mask-wearing mandates, and event cancellations lately have been based on the number of cases. Hospitals are no longer overwhelmed because they can now handle the virus. It's under suspicion if they ever would have been if they treated the virus properly, quarantining those at risk, not putting people on ventilators so quickly, offering them hydroxychloroquine, rendesivir, or budesonide (which have been successful in fighting the virus), and many other logical measure. Panic makes people act irrationally.

The authorities have hijacked our lives and our lifestyles for a virus that we probably wouldn't have even known about if not for mainstream media and politicians. They've confused all off us. They ruined weddings, graduations, play times, vacations, funerals. If the mainstream media can scare us enough, they can make us do anything. Panic makes people more controllable.

Jobs have been lost, businesses have closed down, churches have been locked, school has been canceled, all as a direct result of the damn panic surrounding this virus. There are many things in our society that need to change, and I'd be the first to support a cause that aims to make a change for good, like ending legalized abortion, or reforming the public education system. But this cancel culture aims to tear down society from its very roots in the most fundamental ways. These are tell-tale signs of an attempted socialist takeover. Do you want to be part of the Resistance and stand against the Empire with us? Maybe we can start something together that can defend the country we all love from the socialist propaganda all around us. The damn panic has to end. What can we do to end it?

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