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Rambling Spirit Searches for Truth and Invites You to Join

Do you ever feel like custom content and free speech are seriously on the decline in American society--the very place that was built so they would thrive?

Do you ever get the sense that our creativity is being stymied by political correctness, or that creative thought has to fit into a certain ideological mold?

Do you feel like movies, news, music and other media are just being recycled and put in different packaging?

If so I'm glad, because Rambling Spirit is here to provide an outlet for folks like you.

The internet is becoming more and more of a jungle of curated, ideology-driven content composed by big media conglomerates that like to create the illusion that free speech is still alive. These conglomerates have trained us to think of people as either conservative or liberal, religious or non-religious, and so on. We need more outlets that help people think freely, and that can help us see one another as free thinkers without labeling each other.

It's hard to know what we really want, what dreams are authentically our own, what we truly believe, when we are being told what to believe and what to pursue.

Puzzle of Truth

God created each of us to share some unique aspect of himself to the world. Sometimes even we don't know what he means to reveal to the world through us, and we could spend a lifetime figuring it out. We are each a piece in the great puzzle of truth since we are made in God's image, who is Truth. No single source of truth has all the answers except God himself.

There is no pursuit in life more noble than to help bring all the pieces together to find God. Help expand the Rambling Spirit network, which aims to put the puzzle of truth together, decentralize free speech and offer a place for people to genuinely search for goodness and beauty. Sign up for our emails and blog posts.

Holistic Content

Every writer should try to lead the reader to some kind of action. Consider this blog post to be a call to try a new approach to content. The content here crosses disciplines to give the reader a holistic appreciation of what they're reading. While Catholic writing has been my focus, I do my best to connect the Faith with areas of interest outside its traditional purview. To get the full picture of the truth, we need to explore all disciplines.

Some people may criticize Rambling Spirit of being pantheistic because of the way it explores everything, even other religions, in its search for truth. But Rambling Spirit is not pantheistic because we do our exploring on the bark of Peter, The Catholic Church, which I believe is the one true Church established by Christ. What islands and continents we discover while on this great ship only God knows.

If you help expand this network you would be helping everything Rambling Spirit stands for. It stands for "running around making bold little innovations, navigating gingerly past ideologies, resting in truth". (Sorry, I was in the mood to make an acronym). No, but really, I call it Rambling Spirit because we take a holistic, liberal arts approach to all things. Specialists who have "found their niche" may consider it all to just be a bunch of rambling--and that's OK. We have plenty of specialists who can tell us all about their subject of expertise, but not many sources that find out where all of these niches fit in the bigger puzzle of truth.

If you like the ideas shared here, sign up for Rambling Spirit's emailed newsletter, or sign up for the blog feed to receive more content.

Personal Website

Many people think the influences of personal websites are dying. I say, even if they are, there are still many reasons to keep these websites alive. We need to hear individual voices that are not compromised by the expectations of employers, or concerns about revenue. We need unique, genuine truth seekers to add their pieces to the great puzzle of truth. Life is complicated and difficult, and we need other human beings, not just organizations, businesses and governments, to help us along. We especially need people of faith to add their pieces to the table. We made this website to keep that spirit alive-- to keep the quest for Truth, Goodness, and Beauty on tour.

I value your attention and do not believe in trying to lure you in inadvertently. I want your signup to be driven by motivation and inspiration. That's why I don't believe in pop-ups. We call it Rambling Spirit because it's an ongoing conversation, and you could jump in anytime without worrying about ads jumping out at you.


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