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Letter to Eli and the Giants

You were there for a bunch of Giants fans in 2007 when the Great Recession made it tough to find jobs. I was among the many bewildered college graduates who didn’t know where to turn to find work. When the Giants defeated the odds and won the Super Bowl, something told me that there is always hope, even when all the analysts forecast a depressingly slim chance for success. As the Giants made their run through the playoffs that 07-08 season, I found a job with a local newspaper and have been pursuing a career in writing ever since. It may sound silly that a mere football team can set someone on the right track like that. Of course, there were a number of factors that helped me look on the bright side of my situation, but the way the Giants helped me in 07-08 meant a great deal to the young college graduate I was.

You were also there for my family in 2011. When my father and grandmother both died in December, the following months were the toughest of our lives. As the Giants entered the playoffs in stride and then won the Super Bowl, they shocked the nation—and in the process they gave my family something to smile about, and helped bring my family together. We said Dad and Grandma must have been pulling some strings in heaven for the Giants to beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl a second time.

I am sure many Giants fans can tell you similar stories about how, despite how insignificant it may seem in the big picture, you gave them something to cheer for during tough times. You proved that a person’s resolve could lead to perseverance against even the greatest odds. The character and soul of an athlete does not change as the years go by. You are still that same quarterback that helped bring together a great team and a great city.

So now that the Giants are going through hard times themselves, as Giants fans the least we can do is be there for you guys. I just want you to know that, despite what all the critics say, there are still a good number of fans that believe in you all.

Eli, you are a John-Elway/Brett-Favre-caliber quarterback. Despite all of the adversity they experienced throughout their careers, Elway and Favre never gave in, and they ended their careers with proof that solidified the Hall-of-Fame quality of their sportsmanship. I believe the coming years of your career will show everyone the great quality of your character as well. You may not know that much about what the fans have to say, so I believe now is as good a time as any to speak for true Giants fans, the ones who are there when times get tough; because you and the Giants were there for them when they were going through hard times.

Critics may say the game has changed too much for signal callers like you, and may laugh at those who still say “You can’t spell elite without Eli”. You are in a prime position to show them all that integrity and sportsmanship still matter in this league. Stay strong. We believe in you, Eli. We believe in the Giants, and I think, like Saquon said, we’re going to look back at these rough years and see how they made the Giants stronger.


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