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Rambler's Referral Network List

Here is a growing list of affiliate links. Sign up for the deals offered through links and get the promotion. It's that simple.

List of referrals

Current Rewards (phone app): I've made about $50 with the Current Rewards app, mainly by playing games and listening to music. Sign up through this link and I will give you half of the $25 they promise for getting a friend to sign up. Disclaimer: Current Rewards' ad system is very annoying, so if you don't like ads randomly popping up, even if you are getting paid for it, then you may not like this app. However, it does make you money for just charging and unlocking your phone, and listening to music.

Fetch Rewards: Shop anywhere. Snap every receipt. Earn FREE gift cards! 🎉 Sign up for Fetch with my referral code "EH9VXA" and get 2,000 ($2) points when you snap your first receipt:

Groundfloor: A new way to invest in real estate. Invest any amount you want and earn 5 to 12 percent interest. To earn a $10 bonus, transfer at least $10 into Groundfloor investor account.

Moomoo: Free LCID (worth $24) when you sign up:

Motley Fool: Investment Advisors at Motley Fool give you up-to-date guidance on what stocks to buy. They suggest new stocks every week.

Paypal: The list of apps that pay through Paypal is growing. Open an account and take advantage of this booming market:

Robinhood: May just be the easiest and best way to trade stocks. Use my link and we can both pick our own free stock 🤝

Stash: Get Stash—the app that makes investing easy and affordable. Add cash to your Stash, and we’ll give you $20 of bonus stock. Link URL:

UberEats Driver: I deliver with Uber and think you should try it too. Sign up with my referral link today and you could qualify for a new promotion where you are guaranteed to make at least $1,400 in total payout for your first 200 trips:

Capital One - I'll give you $100 if you use my referral link, which is half of the 20,000 "miles" I'd be getting if you use it and spend $500 within 3 months. There is no interest on purchases for a year with this card. Here is the link:

I hope you can take advantage of at least one of these offers. I plan to add to this list, so check back when you can. You can also sign up for our referral email list where I will send new referral deals when I find them:


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