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Please say 'Merry Christmas!'

Please say 'Merry Christmas!' Because there are so many children who should know who they are, and they need memories that are more than things. Say "Merry Christmas" because we need an identity before we drift into a fog that shows no clue where we're heading. And say 'Merry Christmas' because no matter where you go in this country they'll know exactly what you mean.

They will know since the season spirit and splendor, from the breathtaking lights to the eggnog and ginger, from the evergreen tree to the gifts underneath, from the celestial music to the box office hits, are all brought to you by Christ and the Light He brings,

and at His Tree of Life presents aren’t the only things waiting. So Merry Christmas, not just from the legend St. Nick, but from all saints and angels with whom he now lives. Merry Christmas; not that new religious synthesis that tries to bring peace by way of indifference. From Fairbanks to Cape Town and from New York to Tokyo, this is a greeting that is everywhere known. To all who want a culture that is more universal, simply say "Merry Christmas" and all the nations will answer your call. Merry Christmas because it brings families together for a change, and a home was never more beautifully arranged than when they gathered around the Infant in a manger. So here's to the day that changed the world, here's to redemption's red carpet unfurled! Through civilizations rising and falling, through adversity and crisis that threatened an end, then through revival by which it comes to our hands, and to you and I the celebration is calling, Merry Christmas to all!

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