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Breath of God

Throughout Lent, we are encouraged to take a deep look into our relationship with God and focus on how we can become holier in our daily works. Whether it be donating time and/or money to the poor, speaking to God through prayer more frequently and personally, or testing the limits of our temptations, the days leading up to Easter serve as an essential reminder of the ultimate sacrifice and what it means to surrender oneself to God. As I walk through my Lenten journey this year, I want focus on the place that I feel most connected to God: the beach. While we know God travels with us everyone we go, I find His presence to be most prominent while I'm surrounded by the sound of the waves rolling up the coast, bird cawing overhead, and rays of sun beaming through even dense clouds. First on deck, the sailboat.

Not only were the disciples fishers of men using boats, but Jesus and his disciples often traveled on boats to get from destinations to preach the Word of God. Often described as the power behind the sail, God is there to push us in the right direction, offering guidance, with affirmation. During transitional times, particularly this Lent, sailboats remind us to be brave and experience adventure. To use the courage God gives us to forge forward and venture on different paths. Sailboats also symbolize the breath of the Holy Spirit. I will use the sailboat as a token to remember that we are not alone through times of change - changes in my relationships with friends, family, finances, etc. - and there to remind me to branch out and travel. Budget might be tight, but it's worth it to see the world that God gave us. I'll live the dream. This blog post was originally published on

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