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Religious Freedom Is About Your Freedom

Most of us know that America is in trouble, but do we know our parts in it, how we let it get here and what our responsibility is? The common person's adherence to political correctness and subsequent refusal to dialogue about anything of substance is paramount. Walk with me here a moment:

People say politics, religion, and opinions should be kept off social media. The rule is acceptably broken as everyone comments on the campaigns, debates, every victory won by a special interest group, and every tragedy or deliberate act of violence that affects a special interest group. It is often justified by the reasoning that these things, though political, greatly affect our lives as American citizens. That they do.

Religion is still shunned among these things, however, because the line, "separation of church and state" is touted, since no one church or belief system should dictate how the American government runs and therefore how American citizens should live their lives.

The thing is, we have to talk religion in the public forum, and we have to talk about how it interacts with governance, because--whether or not people believe it does or whether it is healthy that it does--it does, and this is healthy. Many churches are seen as the "bad guy" in discussions like this and the common person dismisses them--or even attempts to shame them into silence--because they are seen as pushing their agenda on everyone else. The fact of the matter is, most churches are simply defending their right to freely practice their religion, as is granted by the American Constitution. it is the government hypocritically violating its own "separation rule" here by dictating to these churches how they should run.

And the way the people in power and the agenda-driven squeaky wheels of our society like to do business ... well, this priest is right; they would put churches out of business if they could, like in Germany where they are persecuting churches and anyone else who stands up for their beliefs. They're doing it under the guise of making the country freer, just like in Russia, China, and North Korea, where everyone is free to do what they want, as long as Big Brother says it's okay, and we don't speak out against him.

So say what you want about religion, agendas, and bias, but when churches speak up for their freedoms, they're actually speaking up for yours, too. Because the way the powerful and agenda-drivers want it, they'd put the Constitution out of business, too.

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