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Heaven Is for Those Who Persevere in Trust

When temptations are unrelenting, the trials of life threaten to destroy us, and God seemingly does not hear our prayer, it is time to surrender our fears to our Merciful Savior and place our confidence in Divine Providence. Some people striving for holiness pray much, confess frequently, and make good resolutions, but they relapse into the same faults and tend to lose heart. At times, God leaves us with the impression that He no longer wants to speak with us. The voice of Christ can no longer be heard in our interior, and, worse still, He seemingly no longer wants to hear from us. Although He has certainly not abandoned us, we feel abandoned and left to fend for ourselves.

This difficult trial demands one of the most extraordinary acts of confidence possible. Whatever point of the journey to holiness we are at, whether at the beginning or further along, it is crucial to persevere and to trust. The experience of our weakness should lead us to practice the virtue of humility, but we should never fall into despair. When we feel our weakness pressing in upon us, we should surrender ourselves to God's mercy and cry out, "Jesus, I trust in You! Lord, save me! Help me!"

As the saints remind us, nothing should ever weaken your confidence. Even though you may be in the depths of the abyss, call out unceasingly to Heaven and persevere in doing God's will. God will respond to your appeal and will accomplish His work in you, even if you feel abandoned. Whether you are in moments of apparent abandonment or in those of interior consolation, Jesus always intends your good and is working in you.

Arrested and humiliated, Christ gave us the supreme proof of His love and His power. In walking upon the water and raising the dead to life, He showed his dominion over nature and life. Let us choose the confidence of St. Peter and flee the path of Judas' despair. We have free will! It is for us to choose between good and evil, between Heaven and hell. Let us choose holiness and Heaven! Jesus, I trust in You! All saints in Heaven, pray for us!

This article was first published in the Knights of the Holy Eucharist's Spring 2021 Newsletter, The Knights' Journal. Learn more about this order at


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