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Why Do Affiliate Marketing? Because It's a Win-Win-Win Opportunity

No one knows what the future will bring. Today, telling people to sign up for the promotions offered by big companies may be frowned upon or laughed at, but the same was done for many other avant-garde opportunities shortly before they became popular.

People laughed when professional investors said using credit cards online would soon become common. Many people frowned upon the use of phones as cameras. As times change, the common person often resists the changes that inevitably come. His reasons may be many; he may object new ideas based on moral principles. He may think the idea will never work. He may reject an idea merely because he likes the old way of doing things. But what if, just what if, big new ideas offered money just for giving them a try?

The fact that many companies are actually giving out money just to have you try their new endeavors says a lot. It means they're so confident that their offer will make them money that they are willing to give you a slice of the pie just for doing business with them. Sign up for my list below, and you will join a network of people who seek out these money-offer deals that companies are putting on the table, just to get us to join them. Alternatively, you can look at the list of offers at the bottom of this post with the referral link provided.

You may think these deals are scams. But think of it this way. Many companies hire marketing teams to promote their products, paying tens of thousands, if not six digits, to have them promote their company. Forward-thinking companies figure, "Why pay a larger marketing team commissions when we can get customers to promote our products and services, and just offer them commissions?"

That's why I say this is a win-win situation. In fact, it's a win-win-win arrangement because not only do new customers get money by referring friends, and not only does the company they're referring get more customers, but the friend who signed up gets a bonus too. I say this is the wave of the future because it's good for everyone. It's the synthesis for the struggle of the middle man, who is often the common man. In today's growing digital economy, customers and companies want to take out the middle man. This sounds good for the common customer and the common company. And indeed it is good for them, because it cuts costs significantly. The problem is, the middle man is left out to dry.

The referral network I wish to create makes the customer into a middle man as well. Now the common man can make money with the same company he patronizes. Why not support this new wave of promotions, and help build a more decentralized economy where we don't have to depend on a 9-5 job just to throw away the money we make? Why not support a network that supports a symbiotic relationship between the buyer and the seller? Sign up for the referral network below and you will receive deals from companies who pay you to sign up, and then pay you to get your friends to sign up. Together we can build a network that ushers in a new era of commerce.

List of referrals

Acorns: Get an automatic $5 invested from Acorns. I'm using Acorns and I love how easy it is to save and invest for my future. Join me and you'll get a free $5 investment!

Coinbase: $10 in Bitcoin for both of us! Coinbase gives you money for learning about crypto. Transferring the money to you bank account is super easy. Link URL:

Current Rewards: I've made about $50 with the Current Rewards app, mainly by playing games and listening to music. Sign up through this link and I will give you half of the $25 they promise for getting a friend to sign up.

Groundfloor: To earn a $10 bonus, transfer at least $10 into Groundfloor investor account.

Paypal: The list of apps that pay through Paypal is growing. Open an account and take advantage of this growing market:

Stash: Get Stash—the app that makes investing easy and affordable. Add cash to your Stash, and we’ll give you $20 of bonus stock. Link URL:

And here is a page I've created just for affiliate links. I hope you can take advantage of at least one of these offers. I plan to add to this list, so check back when you can.


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