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Why I Got into Real Estate

So, yes, I got into real estate. That tall-hat and curly mustache of the Monopoly guy really inspired me, especially since I live near Atlantic City. In all seriousness though, I did not get into real estate for the same reasons many other people do. I know money is the most common motivator no matter the industry, but in real estate it is pretty much the only motivator. It often comes to the point where money prevents people from seeing the bigger picture in real estate: the potential we have to rebuild our communities the way we want by focusing our real estate efforts on distressed properties.

'Isn't money the main motivator for all jobs?', you may say. Well, it doesn't have to be. A job can be a vocation, a calling, and that calling can be more than just supporting a family---not that supporting a family is a bad thing. But that support is more than monetary. We also support our loved ones through inspiration and virtue. We support them emotionally, mentally, spiritually. Having a job that just provides money but does not nurture us in these ways leaves us with little, if any, virtue and inspiration left to share with others.

The inspiration I receive from real estate is in the hope and potential I see in distressed and abandoned properties. I got into real estate to rebuild our communities one property at a time. That's my end game. I want to start a real estate company that goes into as many towns as possible to rehab distressed and abandoned properties. That is my primary focus; not making commissions, not promoting my brand. Most real estate investment companies don't touch a property if it isn't in a good neighborhood, if its after repair value isn't high enough, or if the market isn't too good. My company does not care about those things, because I believe we---the real estate agents and investors---are responsible for creating value. I firmly believe in the old expression, "Build it and they will come."

Our communities are in dire need of rehabilitation, and the people who live in them are pining for that rebirth whether they know it or not. Ten percent of the properties in the United States are distressed. Yet developers are still developing undeveloped land. Why can't we go back into the neighborhoods that are falling apart and create opportunity there? Too risky, too many laws, too much work, people say. I am willing to take on those obstacles. Just work with me and let's figure out how we can.

Christ said to St. Francis of Assisi, "Rebuild my Church." Francis then literally rebuilt the local church building. I sense a similar calling deep within my soul, but to me the Church is not just a church building. I see the need to rebuild the entire Church one property at a time. This does not mean that I will cater to only Catholic structures like monasteries, church buildings, seminaries, and such. Our entire society is built on Christian ideals. It is a Christian civilization, but it desperately needs to be re-evangelized and rebuilt. So every distressed property is my mission territory. I aim to rebuild society one distressed property at a time, with a great deal of help from God, architects, real estate agents, investors, general contractors, real estate lawyers, and whoever else wants to join the mission. Just as St. Francis took God literally, I am looking to rebuild actual structures. St. Francis was being humble when he just rebuilt the local church. God wanted him to think bigger.

Maybe I am being a bit audacious and pretentious, but if St. Francis at first understood what God was really calling him to do, he would have seen that God was calling him to resurrect the dead parts of the Catholic Church, the corrupt orders, clergy and kingdoms. Forgive me for using an even broader stroke, because I intend to rebuild whatever has fallen apart---whether it be houses, churches, taverns, old bowling alleys, abandoned storefronts, even abandoned factories and warehouses. If we are going to rebuild Christendom, let's rebuild it brick by literal brick, or 2x4 by 2x4, or whatever. This land and many others were once shining examples of Christendom's prosperity. What happened? I don't want to be held accountable before God for doing nothing to try and resurrect our society.

We will build and rehabilitate one property at a time, just as the Church needs to be built up and rehabbed little by little. We will make homes for apostolates, religious and lay communities, ministries, families, and the homeless. We will build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, because that is what we are called to do. Eventually, we will build a whole town that represents our values. Real estate is the Church's way to rebirth in the West. That is why I got into it.

Honestly, I get weary of talking about my vision while receiving so little help from others. I can't do this alone. Where are my kindred spirits? I know I am far from making this vision a reality. So, if you think it is worthwhile, why not help by showing what we need to do? Do you have resources, connections, spare time, information, or something you think can help? Email me at I received my real estate license, I go to town meetings and real estate meetups, I call strangers on a regular basis. I've spent thousands of dollars on real estate education trying to bring this vision to life. Sure, I can do more, but this is not about how much I have done or haven't done to realize this vision. This is about getting it done, whatever it takes. It doesn't matter how much I do if my actions do not lead to results. So, is there anyone out there who wants to be a part of this mission?

If you're interested in visiting my real estate agent page, click here.


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