July 25, 2020

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November 21, 2020

Amid all the talk surrounding COVID-19, one thing is widely agreed upon: something must be done. Wearing a mask is a popular way to do something to stop the virus. However, popularity aside, what does common sense say? A Danish study found that masks have little to no effect in protecting people from the virus. The study monitored two groups, one that wore masks and one that didn't, and both had about a 2 percent infection rate.

I did my own research as well, since the mainstream media apparently isn't doing its job.  About a month ago, I compared the 17 states that do not require masks with 17 that do, making sure each state I was comparing was comparable in population density. Here’s what I found:

There were 78,821,550 people living in the 17 states that did not require masks, and 2,344,154 of those people had or had had COVID-19. That’s an infection rate of 2.97 percent. Of those infected, 45,933 have died of the disease for a death rate of 1.95 percent.

Among the 1...

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