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June 26, 2020

We are at a breaking point. 

It's like  T.S. Eliot said, “a Christian society only becomes acceptable after you have fairly examined the alternatives.”

Or, if you prefer Winston Churchill, "Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all others that have been tried."

These are two of the foundational systems of our civilization: Christianity and democracy. If there is systemic racism, then it is because we have abandoned these foundations because racism is not inherent--in fact, not compatible--within Christianity or democracy. Christianity teaches that every human being has equal dignity because they are all loved by God. Democracy is founded on the principle that all men are created equal and have inalienable rights. 

And that's just the thing, isn't it? We are so unfamiliar with our own history and foundation that we forget how the fathers of our society knew they couldn't build a Utopia. They could only help steer people away from a dystopia with principles tha...

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