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Defund Mainstream Media

It's not America anymore when select interest groups can drown out voices. The society the mainstream media depicts is a piecemeal, cherry-picked narrative that simply forwards an agenda. I just got back from a road trip, driving from New Jersey to Houston. If it were not for the masks people were wearing and some podcasts I listened to, I wouldn't even know there was still a new virus out there, let alone systemic racism. The society mainstream media wants you to see is a world where big government is needed and Trump is wrong.

It all seemed like a bunch of scattered partial truths when I first started looking into the media's coverage of recent events. Now I see it all coming together. The empty hospital rooms, the excess number of deaths, and even the riots. They all fit together. The hospitals were empty because they were admitting only Covid-19 patients with few exceptions, we know that, but you would think that would help them cure Covid-19 patients. It didn't. Anyone who comes in with respiratory issues are called Covid-19 patients, then the hospital puts them in rooms with patients who tested positive, and then they're put on ventilators. They put the positive patients on ventilators too. Sixty percent of those put on ventilators die--with or without Covid-19.

Malpractice made the number of deaths from Covid-19 seem so bad: mixing non-Covid-19 patients with Covid-19 patients, putting patients on ventilators when they didn't need it, and even putting those who tested positive back into nursing homes. All these factors account for the excess number of deaths. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Hospitals received $29,000 per Covid-19 patient, said Erin Marie Olszewski, the nurse-turned-investigative journalist in that video, adding that the quarantine has made things worse since it causes people to stay home with Covid when they could have gone to the hospital in early stages when their symptoms were more treatable. How much are these practices actually helping us fight off the virus and cure those ill with it? How much are they actually contributing to the number of deaths?

If you're admitted to a hospital with respiratory distress, you're often considered a Covid-19 before even being tested. It's just assumed you have Covid-19.

Add to this the fact that combining hydroxychloroquine with zinc works in blocking Covid, and we can clearly see that Covid-19 is not a novel virus. Something more is going on here.

While mainstream media spins their production worthy of a Telly, life still happens. While this pandemic is happening, people still have serious illnesses. People still need urgent care, and many have probably died simply because they didn't get it.

We shouldn't be surprised. In fact, all that is happening is simply validation that everything we suspected to be true. Global socialism is the systemic, endemic problem we need to leave behind and stomp out. In the past three months it has stolen our freedom and caused riots in which at least a dozen people have died. People try to project the unrest in their heart onto the world, but don't let their unrest affect your life.

While our freedoms are taken and our cities burn, the resistance is being criticized for not agreeing with the CDC, WHO, and White House. If you want me to explain why I know better than them, I'm not going to. It's not about who knows more. It's about trust. The White House gets its health directives from the CDC, the CDC gets them from the WHO, and the WHO is mostly owned by Bill Gates, who is not a medical doctor and has been known to support eugenics. Call it lack of humility for not trusting them, but I think the burden of proof is on those who sincerely believe the CDC and WHO have the common people's best interests at heart.

Ironically, by his own admission, Dr. Fauci has said the lockdown will cause irreparable damage. So is that damage just inevitably collateral and worth it to supposedly keep us safe? Make no mistake, the way we have dealt with this virus is a matter of lives for lives at best. Those who die as a result of the lockdowns will likely exceed deaths from Covid-19 in the end.

We've been denying that socialism is an eminent danger in America for so long, that we don't even notice when it happens right in front of us in the most blatant ways.

And this is all happening while African American cops die in the streets from riots, cops like Dave Patrick Underwood and David Dorn. Don't be fooled. What you're hearing in the news is nothing more than the story big media wants to spin. They focus on the injustices that support their narrative and apparently ignore the deaths that don't.

Not to downplay George Floyd's death, which was, but we need to know the full truth before running out into the streets to protest. From Wikipedia:

"An autopsy of Floyd was conducted on May 26, and the next day, the preliminary report by the Hennepin County Medical Examiner's Office was published, stating 'no physical findings that support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxia or strangulation.' Floyd's underlying health conditions included coronary artery disease and hypertensive heart disease. The initial report said that '[t]he combined effects of Mr. Floyd being restrained by the police, his underlying health conditions and any potential intoxicants in his system likely contributed to his death.' The medical examiner further said Floyd was 'high on fentanyl and had recently used methamphetamine at the time of his death. However, on June 1, a private autopsy commissioned by the family of Floyd ruled the death a homicide and found that Floyd had died due to asphyxiation from sustained pressure, which conflicts with the original autopsy report done earlier that week.' Shortly after, the official post-mortem declared Floyd's death a homicide.' Video footage of the incident generated global attention and raised questions about the appropriate use of force by law enforcement."

For more on the issue, watch Candace Owens' video on why she does not support George Floyd or the protests.

The media is going to keep painting a picture of reality that upsets us so that we clamor for change. Meanwhile, our everyday lives go on, and we can still implement the changes we want to see in our own lives, neighborhoods, and communities. Consider this an informal petition to keep living your life, and to not get swept up in the chaos that the media likes to remain laser-focused on. Their goal seems to be to simply divide and conquer; and we still fall for it.

I am simply not witnessing the virus or racism, and I in fact am in the vast majority (not because I'm white). But I guess the majority doesn’t matter. It's strange that that’s the case in a democratic republic. We can only hope and pray that the silent majority wins in the end.

Fortunately, common people are catching onto the shenanigans. That's why videos like this one pointing out a recent spike in cases in Arizona received more dislikes than likes (as of 6/12/20), as well as many dissenting comments. That's also why in a LiveScience comments section for an article titled, "Covid-19 20 times more deadly than the flu", commenters had these things to say. I'll keep them anonymous since they may not want their name spread around more.

One said:

"Twenty times? Most of the deaths of persons with COVID are due to secondary pneumonia, and even the CDC has pointed out the conflation of pneumonia deaths with COVID deaths."

Another said:

"​Last year, 35 million Americans contracted the flu, nearly half a million were hospitalized for it, and nearly 35,000 died from it."

Yet another shared a real-life story:

"My father died in a care home 5 weeks ago. He was 93 yrs old. He had been confined to his room for 5 weeks whilst this all went on, No-one could visit him and I think he eventually thought, blow this what is the point of being here, and he quietly died. There was no sign of Covid but they wrote Covid on the death certificate. That makes me think there must be other cases of inflating the numbers."

"In the beginning of December, I had what I thought was flu, but with all the symptoms of Covid, high temperature, body aches, headache, bone aches, extreme restlessness, loss of taste even though my nose was not blocked, weakness that continued on for weeks, disturbed stomach symptoms. One thing that was missing was I wasn't petrified, because the world hadn't gone mad saying there is a virus going around that is fatal and millions will die unless we are all locked down. Eventually I got over it with natural treatments and I am probably healthier for it.

"Since then we have all been locked down, I have lost my job, put on weight and feel a hundred years old. That is what fear-mongering does for you.

"I hope that our sanity gets restored and people realize that the effect that the mind plays on your health system is more likely the deciding factor in how healthy you are."

The media's reaction to George Floyd's death and Covid-19 have done much more harm than good. By harm, I mean their reaction has caused deaths. Is it a coincidence that this is an election year? I think not. When else have we had this much chaos in America in a matter of months? Doesn't it seem strange that the craziest year in many of our lives happens to be the election year for an incumbent president who is very conservative, probably the most conservative since Ronald Reagan? Before the George Floyd riots, I wasn't so sure. Now, it's safe to say I'm convinced: Mainstream media, meaning the media outlets owned by six corporations that control 90 percent of all media, is using our society as their producer's set. And the story they're telling is designed with one goal in mind: Forward the far left socialist agenda at all cost.

By its own admission, the far left doesn't care about the truth. Its advocates are self-proclaimed relativists, until some cause comes along that they just have to support. Then it's believe what they believe or get attacked, arrested, fired, or fined. Well, that's one heck of a platform to support. And when a handful of bad police do something stupid, defund all police? Is that America? No. The mainstream media supports that notion, so defund mainstream media.

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