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Catholic Passion for Reading and Writing Is Enough

You're probably not going to read this. That's OK because it's actually not my goal to get readers. My goal is to pursue my passion with reckless abandon and see what happens. Maybe you have a similar passion but have been reluctant to pursue it wholeheartedly because life is just too demanding. If that's the case, here is a place created by someone on the other side, someone who is taking the irresponsible risk.

Writing is cathartic to me, and since I recently lost my job it is providing a bit of respite even if it isn't providing monetarily for my family right now. I am confident it eventually will provide in that way, but in the meantime I have to acknowledge that a husband and father is supposed to provide more than just money for his family. He has to provide them with courage to stand up for what’s right even when there is risk involved. He has to provide integrity. He has to provide faith that a person’s passion is worth pursuing for its own sake, not as a means to an end.

I created Rambling Spirit seven years ago for those who had a passion for two things: writing and the Catholic Faith. If you're looking for a place where those two passions are expressed, Rambling Spirit is for you.

If you want to write for this place, your piece simply has to be Catholic and well-written. By Catholic I mean it has to have some connection to the Catholic Faith and abide by Church teaching. By well-written, I mean it has to be free of grammatical errors, and has to provide readers with something they can take away with them, something that’ll make them feel like reading the article was a good use of their time. Be honest with yourself. If you read your own work and can’t find anything in it that can enrich someone’s life, or at least their day, then your piece needs some work.

The Catholic and literary traditions are enough to create good written content. If you know how to let those traditions guide your written work, submit it to and I will consider it for publication on this site. Rambling Spirit understands that good writing can come in many shapes and sizes. The problem with publications today, online or otherwise, is that they compartmentalize the truth and make it harder for people to see how all truth is intertwined. Rambling Spirit aims to change that by offering a holistic approach to not just the Faith, but life and the world--thereby showing how God can be found in everything.

Rambling Spirit thus is not your traditional blog or online publication, if there are such things. (In fact, to call them ‘traditional’ is an oxymoron, because a traditional publication would cover a wide range of topics, and root itself in the liberal arts, rather than cater to a specialization or specialized audience. A traditional publication stood for what it believed in and tried to reach as many people as possible with its expressions.) I am here to edit your work, but I promise to keep it true to its original message if you promise to offer your best to Rambling Spirit. When you write for Rambling Spirit you are committing to a mission to expand people’s interests in truth, goodness, and beauty, in the one true Faith and in the living God. That interest will lead people to love God.

When our society became overwhelmed by the damn panic, I knew I had to take a stand. When I stood up for what I believed in at my job, it got me fired. Now the next step has become clear. If we want to build and sustain a society that represents the basic rights of the human person, and is governed by reason instead of panic, we need to do something to achieve that end on our own. To quote St. Francis of Assisi, “Sanctify yourself and you will sanctify society.”

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